The Low Cost Virtual Assistant – Should You Trust Them?

You’ve probably seen it beforeĀ – advertisements of low cost virtual assistants working 40 hours a week for you at $5 an hour. It’s probably too good to be true! It might even make you a bit guilty about hiring someone on seemingly slave wages full time!

Well here’s the thingĀ – it’s true that this is a modest amount of money compared to what normal assistants, secretaries or even clerks make. But the keyword in low cost virtual assistant here is “VIRTUAL.” While the minimum wage in the US is around $8 an hour, and giving lower than that would be a crime, the same is not true for other countries.

The dollar goes so much further, in terms of what it can buy, in Asian countries like India, the Philippines and Malaysia. This means that the $5-hours you give them may actually end up in them earning more than in their current jobs in their respective countries!

For example, the Philippines has a minimum wage of $1 an hour! Paying the person $3 per hour is a huge online blackjack with others leap in salary as far as the Filipino worker is concerned. Not only do you pay less than minimum for US wages, you’re paying up to 3 times the minimum for Philippine wages. This makes both you and your low cost virtual assistant very happy!

low cost virtual assistant imageNow you might be thinking, how can you ensure the quality of work given by the low cost virtual assistant? Well, like any other employee, whether virtual or not, it’s still wise to screen them. Make them take aptitude tests, or conduct interviews over the phone or internet phone.

Ensure the quality of their work by hiring them part time first, or only for a probationary week, just to see their results. Since hiring a low cost virtual assistant is not covered by labor laws, you can really dictate your own terms and agree to something which would benefit you.

To summarize, give that low cost virtual assistant advertisement a try. You never know what a huge cost-cutting, yet beneficial measure this could mean for your company.

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