Hire a Virtual Assistant Part-Time

Virtual Assistant Gold is now offering Virtual Assistants on a “1/2 time” basis!

There has been so much interest in hiring a part time virtual assistant, we have decided to make our VAs available to those who either aren’t yet ready to “take the plunge” and hire a full time VA, or who don’t really need a full time assistant, but could use video of electronic cigarette a little extra help. The per hour cost of a “1/2-time” virtual assistant is comparable to that of a full time – $6.30/hour as opposed to $5.65/hour. Our part time virtual assistants work, on average, 86 hours per month, half as many hours as a full time hire.

For more information on hiring a 1/2 time virtual assistant, see our “Get Started NOW!” page.

New! Graphic Designer and Webmaster

Have you had times when you wished you had available the services of a graphic designer and/or skilled webmaster? While most business people have, it’s just not cost effective to hire a full time, or even a part time assistant with these specific skills.

Well, now you don’t online blackjack school have to! For a limited time, when you hire a full time virtual assistant you’ll have available, free of charge, the services of a graphic designer and/or a webmaster for up to 2 hours each per month.

For more information see our “Get Started NOW!” page.

The Affordable Virtual Assistant: How Affordable Should You Go?

All over the internet, affordable virtual assistants with many different skills, backgrounds and even places of origin are available. Online businesses like yours can always use a good, affordable virtual assistant. But the question is: how affordable should you aim for?

The best way to go about this is to treat the virtual assistant employment market as you would any job market. A few rules apply – there are set ranges for different skills. For example, a programmer would charge more than an article editor. Also, pay for quality – the higher the asking price of a potential virtual assistant, the more value or the better he or she is at what he or she is doing, at least expectedly so. Aside from that, keep them happy. This is something that most virtual employers miss.

 mce_href=A brick and mortar business requires benefits for local employees and other things. Surely, your prospective virtual assistants in other countries have these options too. If you are known as a good employer, someone who pays good money, pays on time, and treats Buy Levitra your employees well, then it’ll be easy not only to get the top affordable virtual assistants out there, but more importantly, to retain the loyalty of your virtual assistants. Sometimes, even if they get a better offer elsewhere, if they think about what you’ve done for them and how you’ve treated them, they may turn down the offer and choose to remain loyal to you.

Of course, all of this really depends on your requirements. If you need a virtual assistant for, say, 2 weeks of continuous work and would have no foreseeable need of the same skill set, then by all means, you might need to focus on taking care of them. However, as you see in any successful business, employees last and stay for the long haul. If you’re after this kind of business, then it’s really best to take this into consideration.

Having said that, how low can you go? Not too low! A good, happy, productive employee is worth more than what you’re paying that person by far.

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Get A Virtual Executive Assistant: Live Like A True CEO

You’ve seen it in the movies, CEO’s and other high-level executives have a small room outside their luxurious office. They have their executive assistants or secretaries. These people take care of all the small details for them so that they can concentrate on the big ticket items like how to make more money for their businesses.

Virtual Executive Assistant ImageIf you think about it, you’re actually the CEO of your own online business! Problem is people don’t normally associate the CEO scenario in movies and brick and mortar businesses with their own situations. People with online businesses work at home and usually do everything themselves. What if you could have that same scenario where you have a virtual executive assistant handling all the small stuff for you so you can use your time for big ticket items on your business plan, not to mention having Volume Pills a great time and spending time with your loved ones?

A virtual executive assistant can do all of the things that a movie secretary does, but it’s even better because you don’t have to provide office space, supplies and a computer for them to do their jobs. You also get them at a fraction of the cost! Your virtual executive assistant can practically run your day-to-day operations, as well as mundane tasks that you need doing.

Are you interested in living the life of office CEO’s? Of course not! Why? Because you can have it better! A virtual executive assistant will really prove to be worth it, especially if your business is growing.

Go give it a shot! The worst thing that can happen is you go back to where you were, so there’s not much to lose.

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The Philippine Virtual Assistant: What’s all the Fuss?

Among all candidates for the position, the Philippine virtual assistant probably ranks among the top preferred by clients in the US and in Europe. Here’s why:

    philippine virtual assistant image

  1. Cost – Truth is, they’re cheap. Not because they simply charge low, but because they charge low compared to what’s “normal” in the US or Europe. In truth, they’re just charging a salary which pays even more than their local assistant jobs. Therefore, you’re actually doing them a favour! This is because of the disparity in the purchasing power of the dollar. For example, your average grocery bill in the US is around $50 for the week or so. In the Philippines, $50 can get you stocked up for a whole month! The Philippine minimum wage is also 8 times lower than that of the US. Get the idea?
  2. Quality – The Philippines is one of the best English speaking nations in the world. Their culture is very close to Electronic Cigarette the US because they were a US colony in the first half of the 1900s. They are hardworking, have a good work ethic, and love being paid in dollars. They have a very high literacy rate and are computer savvy, being one of the foremost users of Facebook in the world.
  3. Attitude – Philippine folk don’t like to complain, at least not to you. This may not always be a good thing, but the worst thing you want is a demanding and whiny virtual assistant who insists on conditions which are too much for you. Having said this, just make sure to take care of your Philippine virtual assistant, because even if they don’t complain, they will leave you if they’re not happy.

Those are the few top reasons why Philippine virtual assistants are among the top preferred nationalities for this kind of work. Why not give it a shot?

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What Virtual Assistant Services Can You Use in Your Business?

virtual assistant services imageIf you’ve decided to utilize virtual assistant services, then congratulations on making that decision to expand your business in the right and smart way. Now, the next step for you would be to pinpoint which segments of your business operation actually make sense to delegate to virtual assistant services. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Word Processing and Typing Services – If you have audio or video that you need documented and converted into text, or even PDF documents that you would want re-typed, you could do this with the help of a virtual assistant.
  2. Spreadsheet Services – Database management and spreadsheet design is something you can get an expert to do. If you have a customer or supplier list or database that you manage via spreadsheets, you can have management of that outsourced to virtual assistant services. This may also include data entry of e-forms into a database where to buy electronic cigarettes in canada or repository.
  3. Meeting Services – Powerpoint or presentation creation, meeting organization, invitations and booking of online meeting rooms. This can also include meeting documentation and processing.
  4. Internet Research – We all know this takes a lot of time, and having someone else do this is great. Anything you need to know about – places, products, people, even a canvass of possible costs for business trips or certain acquisitions/purchases by your company.
  5. Book Keeping Services – Basic accounting tasks like recording of expenses, sales, invoices, accounts and other items.
  6. Writing, Editing – Some virtual assistant services include writing and editing services which are somewhat expensive when bought offline (imagine hiring a writer or paying for an article!).

Remember, virtual assistant services need not vary greatly from traditional office work – the only upside is that your virtual assistant has his/her own office and computer. Less hassle, cost and effort for you!

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Outsourcing tips: Virtual Assistant Companies

There are thousands of virtual assistants that are working freelance for hire and there are many websites which give you the opportunity, not just to meet them, but even to see their profiles, feedback, background, history, etc. Some freelance virtual assistants have their own websites, promote themselves through emails, and by other means. You might be thinking that this is a good way to really just start getting candidates for your virtual assistant requirements, right?

One thing you may want to consider would virtual assistant companies. A good analogy would probably be a manpower agency. A manpower agency knows where to source the best quality, low-cost laborers and workers for brick and mortar businesses. They’ve done all the home work, prior screening, profiling, and they save you all of the trouble of other hassles like paperwork, etc.

virtual assistant companies imageVirtual assistant companies are the same. They already have a pool of totally wicked electronic cigarettes excellent-quality and low-cost virtual assistants for your requirements. They’ve done their homework on each of them, their backgrounds, previous employments, skill sets and experiences so that they can provide you exactly with the kind of virtual assistant that you would need. Sure, they charge a fee for this service, but who would want to go through the hassle, effort and time-consumption that this typically entails?

Think about what virtual assistant companies can do for you, and what kind of trouble they can save you from in terms of hiring, screening and getting the right person for the job. As your business grows, it may be a good idea to have a partnering virtual assistant company who already knows your requirements and can tailor fit your future virtual assistants to your needs without having to start from square one every time a vacancy opens up for you.

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Virtual Assistants: The Employees of the Future?

This is the traditional office scene: The boss has the corner office, a secretary with a desk near his office, then dozens of cubicles where everyone else worked. Some cubicles are bigger than others, for managers and supervisors. They set to work on their computers, or on papers, documents, files, and other things. They had a phone beside them, and they set about the business of keeping the whole company going.

virtual assistants imagesHowever, with the internet and its increasingly bigger role in business, all of this is starting to change. You’ve got business process outsourcing, where some administrative tasks are delegated to individuals, or even a whole company halfway around the world. Slowly, the work is going to the cheaper cost countries like the ones in Asia. This is what happens in big companies.

Where does this put the small or home-based business? Could they also partake in this kind of advantage that the internet provides the huge businesses? The answer is – most definitely! In comes the concept of virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants have the flexibility that they can do mostly anything that you want them to do over the internet. While bigger outsourcing electronic cigarette canada companies specialize in computer support, accounting or even IT, virtual assistants are more open to being trained by you on doing tasks that would help your business.

Getting virtual assistants for your business is the lowest cost way for you to expand your business, short of hiring local people to actually work for you. They’re sort of the gray area between a self-operating business wherein you run everything yourself, like a website or consulting service, to having employees work for you. You can have virtual assistants working for you but without the headache of labor requirements, costly wages, paperwork, and office space and supplies that you provide them.

What if the office of the future really looks like this: You’re the CEO, you’re in your living room, a laptop in front of you, your family just in the other room, your pet dog resting lazily under your couch, then tens or hundreds of employees, scattered all around the globe, doing your accounting, marketing, writing, and everything else that you need to run your business.

Sounds good? Go examine where virtual assistants can make a difference in your company today.

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The Low Cost Virtual Assistant – Should You Trust Them?

You’ve probably seen it before – advertisements of low cost virtual assistants working 40 hours a week for you at $5 an hour. It’s probably too good to be true! It might even make you a bit guilty about hiring someone on seemingly slave wages full time!

Well here’s the thing – it’s true that this is a modest amount of money compared to what normal assistants, secretaries or even clerks make. But the keyword in low cost virtual assistant here is “VIRTUAL.” While the minimum wage in the US is around $8 an hour, and giving lower than that would be a crime, the same is not true for other countries.

The dollar goes so much further, in terms of what it can buy, in Asian countries like India, the Philippines and Malaysia. This means that the $5-hours you give them may actually end up in them earning more than in their current jobs in their respective countries!

For example, the Philippines has a minimum wage of $1 an hour! Paying the person $3 per hour is a huge online blackjack with others leap in salary as far as the Filipino worker is concerned. Not only do you pay less than minimum for US wages, you’re paying up to 3 times the minimum for Philippine wages. This makes both you and your low cost virtual assistant very happy!

low cost virtual assistant imageNow you might be thinking, how can you ensure the quality of work given by the low cost virtual assistant? Well, like any other employee, whether virtual or not, it’s still wise to screen them. Make them take aptitude tests, or conduct interviews over the phone or internet phone.

Ensure the quality of their work by hiring them part time first, or only for a probationary week, just to see their results. Since hiring a low cost virtual assistant is not covered by labor laws, you can really dictate your own terms and agree to something which would benefit you.

To summarize, give that low cost virtual assistant advertisement a try. You never know what a huge cost-cutting, yet beneficial measure this could mean for your company.

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The Virtual Secretary – Should You Get One?

Surely, you’ve heard of the virtual secretary, also known as the virtual assistant. These people can do work for you from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to provide office space, supplies and a computer for them, because they use their personal ones. Neither do you have to consider them as official employees, exempting you from most tax and labor laws normally related to hiring people locally. These benefits of hiring one are definitely attractive, but the question is do you actually need one?

Virtual Secretary ImageFirst, take a look at your business. Whether it’s an online business or a brick-and-mortar offline business, are there certain processes or tasks which you think can be done by someone from a different continent, for example? If you had a cafe or a restaurant, does it actually make sense to have some tasks, like accounting or other things done offshore? Maybe your restaurant has a website, and potential customers can make reservations and/or send email communications to your company? If you own a small manufacturing business, then maybe people need Pokies to call you for issues or problems?

The point here is, look at certain tasks in your business that can be done over the internet or voice over IP (VOIP) technology. If it’s a significant enough chunk of work, then you may hire a full time or part time virtual secretary to do the work for you. Here is a list of typical tasks or work that a virtual secretary can do for you:

  1. Emails (answering, checking, organizing, etc)
  2. Customer Support (via phone, chat or messaging)
  3. Audio or Video Transcription
  4. Article, content or any other form of writing/re-writing/editing.
  5. Spreadsheet work (e.g. MS Excel tabulation, etc)
  6. Blog posting/updating
  7. Basic website maintenance

It really boils down to your creativity and how you are able to box and ship certain types of work to come up with a seamless business model to get the best costs, quality and speed of work for yourself. If you haven’t done so yet, try assessing which part of your business could be cheaper done by a virtual secretary or two.

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Outsourcing to the Philippines: Your Online Business Milestone

Why should you consider outsourcing to the Philippines? Well, first ask yourself if any of the following statements apply to you?

a.) “I’ve got so many ideas to expand my business, but I’m caught up with so many tasks to keep it running that I don’t have time to explore those ideas!”

b.) “At first, it was all exciting, but having to do the same things over and over again day in and day out is getting to be quite a drag.”

c.) “Ok, time to look for an assistant to help me run the business – oh dang, they’re expensive!”

If you can relate to one of the statements above, then congratulations! Your business is now officially growing bigger than what you can handle alone. You may have thought about hiring someone, but you’re not sure if you can afford someone full time.

Don’t make the mistake of letting this situation run you down and burn you out. Get some help, quick! It doesn’t have to be expensive or too much work. The best thing for you would be outsourcing to the Philippines.

Why outsourcing to the Philippines?

Well, think about it!

Hiring someone traditionally (meaning they go to work at your office, or maybe even at their home, but in the same area as you are) would have you paying them the US minimum wage, which is around $8 per hour. For full time pokies and pointies, that’s around $64 per day.

Hiring someone locally also obliges you to follow a myriad of labor laws and practices, not to mention paper work, submissions, tax computations… well, you get the idea. And that’s assuming that you can hire a competent, computer-literate, well-educated assistant for minimum wage! But you can’t! The price is going to be higher than that.

Enter outsourcing to the Philippines. In the Philippines, the minimum wage is roughly around $8 too. However, this is PER DAY. Yup, that’s right. Around $1 per hour! That’s a tiny fraction of what you’d pay for in the US!

Ok, so let’s assume you want someone who’s more skilled than minimum wage workers, even if you double that to $2 per hour, that’s still a lot! Of course, you only want the best quality for your business, so let’s say $5 per hour. Lower than US minimum, good enough for Philippine standards (5 times the minimum!) and minus all the paperwork, labor laws, accounting expenses, etc. Do you see it now?

What kind of work will be good for outsourcing to the Philippines? The mundane tasks and easy, yet time-consuming work items like:

–           Answering emails

–           Basic bookkeeping

–           Internet research

–           Transcription

–           Data entry

–           Many more!

If you have some of these tasks bugging you, then try outsourcing to the Philippines and accelerate your business growth exponentially.

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How to Keep Your Filipino Virtual Assistant Happy

For all of you who are thinking of hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant, or if you already have one working for you, here are a few soft skill tips to keep them happy (aside from simply raising their salaries, of course).

  1. Praise good work – if they’ve done a good job, don’t be afraid to hold back on your praise. They appreciate this, it keeps their morale up, and they become more productive. They will continue to work hard to please you and get more praises in the future.
  2. Be careful about criticizing bad work – the Filipino Virtual Assistant is often culturally sensitive. While you can get away with being straight and frank with your local employees, you may have to break it gently to the Filipino virtual assistant. Say things like “Your work Viagra is ok, but next time, do this…” or “Sorry, I know you spent time on this, but this piece of work won’t work for me and the business, can you please try it again, but this time, do this…”
  3. Get to know them – this makes them feel that they are important and they also get to know you more. Having a certain level of familiarity or even friendship with them gets you very far into earning their loyalty, trust and happiness in working for you.

These are just a few tips. It doesn’t take very much effort to do the things above, but trust me, your Filipino Virtual Assistant would love working for you so much more if you just put these little things in place.

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