Business Owners!

Have you ever wished you could hire a skilled, professional programmer for just a few hours’ work?

To fix a “bug” in a program you’re using, or to make some minor improvement to a software program you’ve purchased?

To design a form for your website or create a nifty little app to save you time?

To have a full blown stand-alone or web application designed?

Or perhaps you needed a graphic designer for a small project, a flyer, a simple webpage, a logo – but couldn’t find anyone willing to work for less than 10 hours’ pay – at $25/hour – or more!

How about a Webmaster? Someone skilled in all the “Techie Stuff” to solve some problem with, or make some change and/or addition to your website?

Haven’t you ever thought “Wouldn’t it be GREAT if I could hire a skilled professional willing to work by-the-hour for ONLY as long as I need him/her?

Yes … it would …

… and It IS!


You can hire a Professional Designer

Webmaster or Programmer…

by-the-hour for however many hours you need – NO MINIMUM – even if it’s just for ONE hour’s work!

And best of all, the fees are as low as $9.00 PER HOUR!



The skilled professional help you need … available when you need it … for as long, and ONLY as long, as you need … and at Rates You Can’t Find Anywhere Else!


Select the service you need, and then
call us at 1 800-591-4764

We’ll get you skilled professional help for as little as $9.00!

Hourly Rates

 Resource  VA Client Rates  Non-VA Client Rates
 Graphic Designer  *$10.00  $14.00
 Webmaster   *$9.00  $13.00
 Junior Developer  $9.00  $13.00
 Intermediate Developer  $12.00  $16.00
 Senior Developer  $15.00  $24.00

* At this time, our VA clients already get up to 2 hours/month webmaster and 2 hours/month designer services at no charge (this is a limited time offer).


Explanation of Services

Graphic Designer: Uses design software programs such as Photoshop or Quark Xpress to design logos, brochures, sales flyers, banners, simple web design, covers, sales materials, etc.

Webmaster: Creating simple sites, Simple html fixes, basic html, WP install, Site configurations, Light design, page changes/adds/deletes, maintaining the site, checking viability of links etc.

Junior Developer: proficient in HTML and one scripting language. Possesses basic knowledge of XML, basic php, WP theme creation, basic forms, testing technical solutions, write tech manuals, basic database design,   (typically requires oversight from an Intermediate or Senior developer)  – < less than 1 year of experience, typical degree in IS Intermediate Developer: Understands technical and functional design requirements, assists in physical and logical database design, Creates prototypes for client engagements, Designs, codes, and tests technical solutions, Identifies system deficiencies and recommends solutions. design and code basic web applications, HTML/PHP proficient  <> 2+ years of experience

Senior Developer:   (all the above) – Manages the team and resources – Create, design and code advanced web solutions and applications,  advanced proficiency in database design and structure, PHP, HTML, XML and other languages, client/server knowledge, Understands complex database concepts as well as the implications of different database designs, easily recognizes system deficiencies and implements effective solutions.     <> 5+ years experience