So just WHY are we offering this virtual assistant service? But more importantly, WHY is it important to YOU.

Let me explain:

My name is Ben Hanania, and I’m concerned … concerned about the direction of our economy. What’s happened to our economy today is nothing short of CRIMINAL!

The Bureaucrats are thriving and getting their Payola, while small businesses are dropping like flies! Will you become a victim of the carnage? Just more “Collateral Damage”?

Let me ask you:

Have you ever thought “If only I could have a fraction of the resources the BigWigs and FAT Cats have, I could thrive and even dominate my market”?

Stay with me here, and I’ll show you how you CAN!

You’re about to learn what the Fat Cats don’t want you to know!.

But … First things first

Getting back to our question of “Why are we offering this virtual assistant service, and why is it important to you?” To answer this, I want to share with you my own personal story – the story of why I got started in business in the first place!

Actually, my reasons were threefold:

1-Profit Driven (but not greed motivated).

Now I won’t try to kid you: We are a “for-profit” organization … one whose goal is to provide a service that’s badly needed by businesses everywhere across the English speaking countries … the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.OK then … that’s the short answer to “Why are we offering this service?”

But if you “peek under the hood” there’s a bit more to it. Let me explain:Unlike our competitors that are established in the big cities, we chose one of the poorest areas in the Philippines from which to hire our Virtual Assistants:

The Town of Mati

Mati is a small town on the south-eastern coast of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Founded in 1903, it has a population of 105,908 (as of the 2000 census).

Most people in and near Mati live in impoverished, inhumane conditions that even the poorest Americans would find harsh – to say the least!

Nonetheless, there is a college nearby – the Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology – which many local residents attend in hopes of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to find a good paying job, so they might fulfill their hopes of a brighter future for themselves and their families.

But the problem is (or rather “had been” as you’ll see), once one has graduated from the college and earned a degree, there’s no use for that degree in Mati!

The college is there – but the work isn’t!So in order to find employment, the graduate has to leave his/her home and move to a larger city, the closest of which is Davao City, about a 5 hour drive away.

Virtual Assistant Center Located in Mati

After having left home to find employment, and after years of struggle and hard work, he/she is finally earning enough income to be able to send a portion of their earnings back to their family … the family they had to leave behind in Mati.

You see, there is no such thing as Filipinos helping only themselves! Typically they are supporting 4-7 other people – parents, siblings, children, in-laws, and even their neighbors.

SIDENOTE: I remember a while back asking myvirtual assistantwhat she did with the bonus I had given her for her birthday. I was SHOCKED at her answer! I expected her to tell me all about how she had pampered herself, or had purchased some item she had been wanting, etc. … but instead she told me that she had chosen to buy extra bags of rice, and distribute them to some of her even less fortunate neighbors!

But all that’s changing … Our virtual assistant service, based in Mati, provides graduates a means to put their talents to use in their home city! No longer must they choose between leaving friends and family to live in the big city, or staying in Mati with no hope of ever improving their impoverished economic condition.

Here’s a brief discussion with my Office Manager in Mati, which illustrates the point perfectly!

[12:20:19 AM]  : You know what, I just finished talking to the IT graduate girl and she just came from Davao last week with her friends looking for a job. Unfortunately, they came back here without getting a job. That’s why they were so happy when they found out that we have this kind of job here when I called them. They couldn’t believe that they can now work at this type of job here in Mati without going to the big cities, and can stay close to their families

[12:25:34 AM] Ben Hanania: That’s great News 

[12:25:41 AM] Ben Hanania: so she was from Mati originally?

[12:26:28 AM] : yes, she was from Mati and just went to Davao and stayed there for about two months looking for a job.

[12:26:52 AM] : a 2009 graduate

[12:27:59 AM]  : and she hadn’t found a stable job till now, with us

So, it’s now possible for the aspiring young people of Mati to find steady employment in their home town, where their families are! And what do you think happens when a business locates in a town like Mati, and begins hiring?

A “SnowBalling” effect is what happens!

Local residents stop leaving in droves – more people have spendable income, and will be looking for places to spend it – which means more new businesses are going to pop up to fill that need – which means more hiring – which means more spendable income – which means —- well, I think you get the picture. The standard of living rises for the entire community!

Now we don’t claim to be a charity. No! Not at all.

We’re a business. And like any business, our primary goal is to turn a profit. After all, we all have families to feed too, the same as our employees … and the same as you, our client.

But needless to say, we could have located in the big cities just like our competitors, and profited much more by offering the same copy-cat, “sweat-shop like” services.

But as a responsible corporation we’ve chosen to do what we believe is the right thing!

* First, by locating in an impoverished area

.* And second, by spending some of our profits to create an environment of dignity for our Virtual Assistants … an environment where they are treated as human beings and afforded the respectful treatment of which all of us, as human beings, are worthy.

We’ve also chosen to do the little things that you and I take for granted, but which are unheard of in the Philippines: like offering a decent, safe, and secure working environment, purified water, coffee, snacks during shifts, unexpected bonuses, profit sharing, and a permanent, stable, and dignified position. (Most employment in the Philippines is seasonal or temporary, if one can get a job at all!)Moving on to my second point…

2- Driven to help the small entrepreneur:

As a perpetual entrepreneur, I spent my early years struggling and learning a lot of valuable lessons. As I grew, I felt the need to focus all my energies on providing affordable tools and services to the small business entrepreneur.

Most small businesses don’t have access to the tools available to the “Big Boys.” Until very recently, a small business could not leverage overseas labor like the giant corporations could.

But That Too Has Changed

I want to put YOU AND ME on the same level playing field as the “Big Boys“!And that’s not all…

3- Philanthropic side:

Many years ago at the age of 17, I was part of a charitable organization, and was put in charge of the well-being of 2 very poor families. I remember that time as the most fulfilling experience of my past!So much so, that I vowed to continue the mission. But unfortunately, life happened … marriage, kids, bills… and I lost my way.  😥

But then it all “clicked” a few years ago, during a conversation with my Virtual Assistant.

[2:11:19 PM]  : Wow! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being Too Good To Us…

[2:11:52 PM] Ben Hanania: My pleasure – your whole family is a blessing for us

[2:12:13 PM]  : I hope we can help you too, in any way that we can

[2:12:46 PM] Ben Hanania: you all do a terrific job – I’m glad to have found all of you

[2:12:58 PM]  : Hey Sir, You really help us

[2:13:36 PM] : We can now eat 3x a day…

[2:14:01 PM] : it’s true

[2:14:08 PM] : So hard to live here

[2:15:04 PM] Ben Hanania: I’m so sorry – Didn’t realize how bad things are there

[2:15:27 PM] : Yes, just want to be honest Sir…

[2:15:37 PM] : That’s why we work hard

[2:17:00 PM] Ben Hanania: You do work very hard and I do appreciate it – Businesses and people struggle here too with this economy, but it’s nothing like you have there –

[2:17:16 PM] : Thank you Sir Ben…

NOTE: Get used to being called “Sir” or “Ma’am” – No matter how many times I’ve asked NOT to be called “Sir”, they still do it. I finally gave up asking. Filipinos are respectful to a fault!

For you and me it’s hard to even imagine there are so many people in this world who go hungry, who don’t have the means to feed themselves or their families.I do believe a divine intervention took place that day!

It suddenly became very clear to me what my mission in life was to be. I clearly saw how I can fulfill all my passions – by helping you AND me to fulfill our vision and goals, while at the same time helping others in this world that are in dire need.

You and I have the opportunity to affect not just one, but many lives! Filipinos (on average) support 4 – 7 other people in their family and/or community.

You and I can impact their lives for generations to come, by affording them the dignity, and the opportunity to take pride in providing for themselves and others … while at the same time, fulfilling our OWN goals and financial aspirations!

The wonderful thing about our American economic system … and the Capitalist economic system in general … is that in a free market, the best and perhaps the ONLY way to help oneself, is to help others!

“Say What?”

Well … think about it!

If you want to earn a profit, you MUST provide a product or service that other people need, or at least want … and want badly enough to be willing to PAY for … to part with their hard-earned dollars in order to have it!

And why would they do that? Because they deem the benefits they achieve greater than the dollar amount it’s costing them.So to them, it’s a winning situation. They part with “$X” amount of dollars, but in turn receive “X + Y” amount of benefits. So they come out ahead, and are happy to have done so!

And what about the employee?In a Capitalist system no one is forced to work against his will. And yet, most everyone chooses to work.

Why? Because they deem it in their best interest to give up “X” amount of hours, in order to achieve “X + Y” amount of dollars. In other words, they deem the dollars they earn of greater value than the time they have spent earning them. So they too have come out ahead.

So let’s look at the overall picture here:

* YOU the Business Owner — find yourself stuck in a bind!

You desperately want to liberate yourself from the demands of the “daily grind” that’s preventing you from growing your business … and to devote your time and talents to the more productive tasks that will multiply your profits and take your company to the next level.

* Your Virtual Assistant — wants a better life for herself and her family. The people of Mati (and Filipinos in general) are a hard-working people. They share many of our American values: they have a strong work ethic, are loyal, are intelligent, well educated and learn quickly.

And yet there are still those in Mati for whom just being able to eat 3 meals a day is a luxury! By providing jobs in Mati, the dream of a better life is becoming a reality.

Ben Hanania CEO Comtrex, LLC


* And Comtrex? — We win too!As a for-profit business we’re fulfilling our goal of turning a profit. But at the same time, we’re providing a badly needed service that will help other businesses grow, and thus improve the American economy.

And we’re providing jobs in Mati, thus providing a brighter future for the hard working individuals there, and for their families … which in turn serves as the catalyst to lift the entire community out of poverty conditions.


Isn’t Capitalism Wonderful!!!

 There are NO losers in this equation – everybody wins!And when YOU – the business owner – hire a Virtual Assistant, YOU become a part of that equation! By seeing to your own self interest and that of your business, you’re helping others who are less fortunate to have a better life.

So YOU win – WE win – and the residents of MATI win too – and in large part thanks to YOU our client!.You can’t change the whole world, nor can we…… but together we can change a small part of it for the better.

You’ll help yourself, your family, and your business, and at the same time have a positive impact on the lives of many more, less fortunate people in this world...If your financial security and your philanthropic side mean anything to you, please let me hear from you RIGHT AWAY!.

Call 1 800-591-4764

All my best wishes for your success in the upcoming year!Benjamin Hanania.

PS: What makes the difference between a so-so year, and one to “crack open the champagne” for?In a word … LEVERAGE! … with a Virtual Assistant. Start today. Seize this opportunity!.

PPS: Will you be part of the few, caring and compassionate people to help me lift the province of Mati out of poverty and provide dignity to its resident, while reaping the rewards of having a dedicated, educated and intelligent employee to rid you of the mundane, time sapping daily tasks that provide no ROI? Can I count on you to be a part of this kindred group of business owners?.

PPPS: Imagine a brighter future for yourself and your family … and for those much less fortunate people of Mati, half-way around the globe.You … and I … hold that power.

Let’s use it!