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A Virtual Assistant (Virtual Secretary) can…

Now you can use the Same Arbitrage Method the BigWigs Use – and would rather you DON’T KNOW ABOUT!

What’s happening to our economy is nothing short of CRIMINAL! The Bureaucrats are getting their Payola, while small businesses are dropping like flies.Haven’t you ever thought “If only I could have a faction of the Resources the Big Boys and FAT cats have, I could thrive and even dominate my market!”

In just 2 minutes I’ll show how utilizing a virtual assistant will enable you to…

… Free YOUR Time to Leverage Your Business… Ideas… Products…ServicesCompete Smarter… Faster… And Cheaper… Than You Ever Thought Possible

By Investing Just $5.65/Hour For A College Educated, American Managed, English Speaking Philippine Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant who can…

Provide Customer Service… Market On Blogs & Social Networks… Conduct Research … Maintain Databases… Arrange Travel… Prepare Transcriptions… Send Invoices… Coordinate Projects & Staffing… Update Bookkeeping… Handle Your Calendar… Schedule Your Appointments… Complete Routine Paperwork… Manage Voice Mail…

Plus… Anything And Everything You Can Think Of
That Can Be Done Over The Internet Or On The Phone

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,Virtual Executive Assistant Working

In a busy bank of cubicles… thousands of miles from my office…

…a virtual assistant is making blog posts to my many websites… while another is creating a new one…

…anonter virtual assistant is answering the Help desk and making me appointments for next week, while my teams of developers are creating a new application for one of my businesses…

…and a Quick Books expert is closing the quarter which produced record growth for my group of businesses… smashing beyond anything I could have ever imagined…

…and all this is happening as I sleep.

Hi… I’m Ben Hanania…

…and like most of you reading this… I’ve got ideas…

…ideas on how to develop products and services for profitable niches… and continue expanding… growing… building… as far as I can see.

However, I could NEVER have expanded
beyond even ONE website … even ONE business…
had I not started LEVERAGING!

Maybe you’re currently in the same predicament that I was … desperately wanting to grow your business, and put into practice all those great ideas you’ve been mulling over… BUT you’re too bogged down in the day-to-day routine to do it!

I know exactly how you feel…
… it makes you want to pull your hair out!

Phones to answer, emails to sort through, bills to pay, clients to follow up on, answering the same support question over and over, playing voice mail tag, generating invoices, collecting past due accounts, researching, data entry, updating the blog, making appointments, bookkeeping, creating spreadsheets, … and on and on, endlessly.

And all the while it keeps nagging you, gnawing at you, in the back of your mind… “I KNOW I can take this business to the next level… multiply my profits… expand my operations… and put into practice all these GREAT idea I have, that will skyrocket my business to new heights!…

… were it not for all these mind-numbing, time-sapping, piddling little day-to-day annoyances that are sucking up every last minute of my time!”

And you know something?

It finally dawned on me… the harsh reality… I began to realize that…

It’s NOT Going to Get Any Better!! UNLESS…


Let’s face it… it’s the nature of all businesses (yours and mine included) that they either grow and prosperor they FAIL! There really is no “middle ground” here.

And the fact is, at least 50% of all businesses (at minimum) DO FAIL!

If you don’t want your business to be one of that 50%, then you’re going to HAVE to change how you do things… you’re going to have to RID yourself of the BIGGEST thing that’s holding you back… the time and energy draining “grunt work” that does nothing to expand your business or increase your profits.

If you don’t want YOUR business to stagnate and die an untimely death, like the 50% or more that inevitably do…Leverage with a Virtual Secretary

… you’re going to HAVE to LEVERAGE!

Now, I can almost hear you thinking “Ben! I already outsource many of my tasks, but it hasn’t alleviated my problem!”

Well sure, you may have used freelancers before, for everything from writing, to design to programming … and there are many fine “by-the-task” entrepreneurs out there … (I even mention some of the better places to find them in my book that you can download for Free… just scroll back up to the top of the page)

But what you’re really doing when you employ freelancers, is “out tasking”… you’re merely assigning a task that you would normally do… or do not have the skills to do… and finding someone to complete that task for you.

And more often that not, it costs you a lot of time to bring the freelancer up to speed… on your business… your ideas… and your vision.

That’s “out tasking” and not only does it take a lot of time… it often just adds to your workload… and that’s exactly what’s holding you back, and what you need to change if you want your business to grow and prosper… and not stagnate and die.

It was only when I started outsourcing
80% of my non-revenue generating tasks
that my business really started to take off!

In fact it grew so much that I had to create yet another business to help smart managers (like you) find the outsourcing they need… and at a price they could afford.

You see… the difference between “out tasking” and “outsourcing” is, when you
outsource you develop a dedicated team… that knows your business… knows what to do every day… just like you do when you hire people to work in your office building.

With your dedicated team you can plan… budget… execute…

And best of all….

You can do it for mere PENNIES!mere-pennies

…  compared to hiring someone locally

Why? In a word… Arbitrage!

Because of currency exchange rates, you’re able to hire college educated… highly skilled… and reliable, dedicated professionals for a mere fraction of what you would expect!

I know… I’ve been doing it for years… and now I can help YOU achieve outsourcing success too!

How much is your time really worth?

Did you know that as much as 80% of what you do can be outsourced? Freeing you to maximize YOUR talents to grow your business… without getting bogged down.

When you turn over routine tasks… that cost you as much as $150 an hour… and outsource those very same tasks for $5.65 an hour…

…you enjoy an immediate return of almost thirtyfold… assuming you spend your freed-up time to exponentially apply your talents that deliver $150 an hour… plus… plus!

How much is your time worth?


Find out by visiting our “Hourly Worth” page. (Go ahead! It only takes 10-15 seconds… and it’s going to blow your mind!)

It’s all relative… and assumes you plan on growing your business by utilizing YOUR talents that will bring you the big bucks (and the reason you went into business in the First Place)… while you outsource the routine work that doesn’t!

I’ve been there too!

You didn’t start your business to be the bookkeeper, the salesman, the tradesman, the chief marketer, the head janitor, the AP/AR person, the trainer or the support manager. You started your business because you had a passion for delivering a certain skillset, product or service.

As a serious entrepreneur and business owner, I’m guessing that you’re facing some of the same difficulties, and experiencing some of the same dilemmas, that I’ve had to deal with. For instance:

Do you try and keep your calendar in your head?

Are you tired of the endless chore of customer support?

Do you put off doing your bookkeeping or your tax forms because you “dread it like the plague“?

Does the daily task of sorting through spam emails have you ready to pull your hair out?

Are you sick of daily data entry?

Do you hate bookkeeping chores?

Do you detest playing “voice mail tag”?

Do you wish someone else would make your travel arrangements for you?

Are you weary of setting appoints and arranging meetings?

Do you feel drained when conducting research?

Do you dread invoicing and making out payroll?

Do you want to take advantage of blog and social network marketing, but don’t have a clue where to begin?

Do transcription tasks have you bored to tears?

Do you feel totally bogged down in the repetitive, mind-numbing, energy-draining, time-killing, and life-sucking details of running your business?

Do you yearn for the freedom to do those things you really love?

… Do you long for a way out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… then you’re battling a “task traffic jam” each and every day of your life!

… and it’s only going to get WORSE!

You may be a “builder” like I am… someone who can spot business opportunities, and then pounce on them.  Someone who can make things happen!Sisyphus Rolling Boulder

But more often than not… as soon as you get the ball rolling, it’s not long before the mundane and routine tasks begin to CONTROL YOU!

Like the Greek lore of Sisyphus, who after toiling to roll a huge bolder up a hill, only anguished to see it roll down the other side… leaving the task to be repeated, again and again.  [IMAGE:  person pushing a boulder uphill]

Believe me, I’ve been there… done that… got a T-shirt  😉

Don’t let the routine tasks condemn you to forever rolling that rock up the hill… then down… then back up…

… while the opportunity that YOU spotted
Goes to Your Competitors!

… who learned to outsource… to leverage their business, to expand… by leaps and bounds!

And make no mistake! Some of your competitors are ALREADY using the Arbitrage method to outsource. But fortunately for you, there are still some who haven’t yet caught on.

But that’s going to change… and change SOON!

Right now you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to GRAB the competitive ADVANTAGE! Outsourcing to Virtual Assistants is still relatively new.

But not for long!

The “Big Fish” already know about the secret Arbitrage method for outsourcing. And other businesses are rapidly catching on. And those that don’t? Well, it won’t be long before they go the way of the dinosaurs.

That’s how it is in business. You have to adapt… to be willing to give up your old way of doing things, if you want to survive in the business world.

Those who won’t adapt… or who delay too long… will fall behind, and eventually go out of business… because they won’t be able to compete!

Will you become one of them? That’s really up to you!

If you act right away and put the Arbitrage and LEVERAGE method to work in your business, you’ll seize the advantage over your competitors! You’ll be able to leverage your time and resources, expand, grow, and skyrocket your business to the next level and beyond… leaving your competitors at the starting gate.

But if you delay too long… even by a little… it’s YOU who will be left at the starting gate. And then the opportunity to grab that “competitive edge” will be gone… FOREVER!

Are you making money?

Some of my friends who own businesses are not making money… but they used to!

If you consider the expense of recruiting and hiring employees, training costs, higher wages, more benefits, vacations, sick time, sub-par performance, 401K contributions, health insurance, worker’s compensation, termination liabilities and the taxes waiting in and around every transaction… it’s no wonder that a record number of business failures have occurred recently!

But when you outsource using our highly skilled staff in the Philippines, you pay as little as $5.65 an hour.

That’s It … In Total!

No time consuming tax forms to fill out… no astronomical health care benefits to compete for workers… no worker’s comp insurance… no Social Security taxes…  no payroll taxes… no benefits… no extra rent or desk or PC… no recruiting and hiring, no training costs, no 401K contributions, none of the other administrative functions that go along with labor law compliance.

Just highly skilled… thoroughly trained… college educated… dedicated… and eager workers that you can depend on, day in and day out.

Why the Philippines?

First of all, they speak fluent English… and you know how important that is, if you’ve ever called one of those toll free “customer support” numbers.

  • Filipinos consider it an honor to work for a US companyOutsource to the Philippines
  • They are respectful to a fault
  • They have a strong work ethic
  • They are a Judeo Christian nation and very religious
  • They are extremely hard workers and loyal
  • They are eager to please their employer
  • Their primary language is English
  • Most of the population has a college education
  • They are intelligent and learn fast
  • They are grateful for steady employment
  • They have the same values as us

And our Agents have an added incentive, they are proud of their community! Our specific operation was built in the town of Mati, because of the diversely educated population who, after completing college and receiving their degrees in Mati, would have to leave their community in order to apply their skills elsewhere.

(More about Mati)

Now, they can work in their community… near their families… and be part of building a thriving economy… while giving your business the leverage needed to expand beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s a win/win for everyone involved!The Magic of Arbitrage

Watch the MAGIC happen
as you start to Leverage and Outsource…

  • You’ll leverage your investment in time… talent… and business… so you can grow fasterbetter… and cheaper!
  • You’ll spend less money on business-killing overhead… rent… electricity… office space… and the growing list of choking taxes
  • You’ll avoid the expense of purchasing additional office furniture, equipment, or a computer for your new hire (We take care of that for you!)
  • You’ll have educated workers with a college education… whereas, if you hired locally you’d have to pay at least five times as much for an employee with NO degree!
  • You’ll level the playing field against larger companies already outsourcing
  • You can start new projects quickly… instead of having to hire and train new people
  • You’ll access a wide variety of specialists… like designers… developers… writers… ON DEMAND
  • You can expand customer service to 24 hours
  • You can more easily deal with seasonal fluctuations
  • You’ll increase your businesses reliability and accessibility.
  • You’ll avoid having to constantly invest in new computers and software
  • You’ll strengthen your company’s strategic advantages
  • Plus lots more… that you’ll discover, now that you’ll finally have the time to manage

The Controversial Debate: Home grown…

In spite of all these, and more benefits… some people think you should not “ship jobs overseas.”

But the simple fact is, when you grow your business, you’re helping America! And you can’t grow your business unless you’re efficient.

For many small business owners, it’s not a choice between hiring American workers or those offshore. The only choice is whether to hire affordable help, or no help at all!  For them, hiring American workers is just not an option — because the revenue needed to pay American wages (not to mention Social Security taxes, health benefits, workers comp etc.) just isn’t there!

But if the business owner can get help that IS affordable, it will enable him to finally GROW his business. And as his business grows, he will need to purchase more and more American goods and services (i.e. supplies, inventory, utilities, office space, equipment, etc.) to continue to operate. These expenditures all benefit the American economy and American workers.

Outsourcing gives you the efficiency you need to leverage your talents, skills and precious capital to skyrocket your sales.

And that increased income will trickle to everyone you do business with, whether it’s a U.S. based supplier that now has a bigger client, or your frequent business lunches and travel.

So! What’s the deal?

You can have your own dedicated, college educated virtual assistant… starting at just $545 a month.

Here are the specific packages…

Half Time Virtual Assistant:

$545 a month (20 hours/week @ $6.30 an hour)

Full Time Virtual Assistant:

$975 a month (40 hours/week @ $5.65 an hour)


And remember, you can use the hours however you want… for research … for handling customer service… sending invoices… making appointments… whatever!

You are in control to manage the hours to best serve your growing business.

Your assistant is yours to manage
She communicates directly with you
She follows your specific instructions
She completes tasks delegated by you
She’s your employee to manage…
…the same as you would any employee

IMAGINE!… you’ll have a college educated, dedicated worker starting at what most people spend for a car payment or monthly mortgage!

And just to sweeten the pot a bit more

for a very Limited Time

I’m offering this Exclusive BONUS!

If you’re like me… you’ll always have a need for sales brochures, logos, promotional slicks, business cards, flyers, marketing materials, banners, ads, and even web design…

…so as a FREE BONUS… when you choose either of the packages above… you’ll get-

–>>  Up to an additional 2 hours of a Graphic Designer every monthGraphic Design

And for help with your business website

–>>  Up to 2 hours of a Webmaster every month

That’s up to 4 hours FREE… each and every month… for the Most In Demand Services for growing your business!

But… this offer is only available for a Limited Time!

… and will be withdrawn soon… maybe next month, maybe next week… and maybe tomorrow.

I don’t know for sure. But I DO know we only have so many designers and webmasters on staff. And once their schedules are full (and they’re filling up fast),
I’ll be taking this Bonus off the table.

So take the step today to give your business the edge necessary to compete in the global economy – to go up against the “Big Boys,” the “Fat Cats“… and WIN!

Start NOW!

Call Me at 1 800-591-4764

And do it with this in mind… there is no possible way for you to do everything… to have your hands on every task… unless your plan is to stay small… FOREVER!

Outsource today

… and watch your business flourish!Ben Hanania

Yours to count on,

Ben Hanania

P.S.Remember! If you act RIGHT NOW you’ll get an extra 4 hours a month – EVERY month – of highly skilled professional services (2 hours Graphic Design and 2 Hours Webmaster).

It would cost you $200 and up to purchase these services locally… if you were even able to FIND someone willing to sell them in 2 hour increments (Good luck with that!)

But it will be yours FREE each and every month… for as long as you retain your Virtual Assistant services… Provided you act before this offer ends!

P.P.S. – Don’t get left at the starting gate! Your competitors are already starting to outsource using the Arbitrage method.

Act NOW before they ALL do! Those businesses that get in now will have a competitive edge over the rest of the pack… those that wait will have missed the opportunity… and it will NEVER AGAIN be available!

Start NOW!

Get your OWN dedicated Virtual Assistant TODAY!

Virtual Assistant

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